"Williamson Branch lays claim to being the best vocal group working today"   Hollywood Digest

 "Some of the most exemplary bluegrass musicianship the genre has ever enjoyed."  IndiePulse Music

"Williamson Branch are unafraid of embracing a traditional style and master it...... Bluegrass is a living thing to them, not a butterfly trapped under glass for their study".  Melody Maker Magazine

 "You'll love the high energy, pitch perfect  family sound of Williamson Branch."  Guy Penrod

"This is a band that’s rapidly rising to the upper tier of today’s bluegrass vanguard."  Bluegrass Today

"Williamson Branch brings high energy, great personality, and a particularly good musical show". Bluegrass Today

"What a wonderful family full of talent and energy! If you are looking for bluegrass or bluegrass gospel, look no more, Williamson Branch is your answer." Slate Mountain Presbyterian, VA

"Williamson Branch blew the crowd away! This talented family never stops entertaining!" Sterling Bluegrass Jamboree, OH

"Williamson Branch is one of the most entertaining bands on the circuit. Put this band on your "must see" list." Bluegrass Today

"Don't miss this incredible bluegrass family"  Daystar Television's Gospel Music Showcase

"Wow! Can't say enough good things about Williamson Branch! A must for any festival" River Valley Ontario Bluegrass Festival

"Impressive harmony delivered with equally impressive humility." Falmouth Baptist, KY

"Williamson Branch was AMAZING this morning!!! So inspiring seeing this family using their musical gifts all for God's glory!!!" Anchor of Life, IL

"Your girls had my crowd on their feet!!" Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival, Maine

"Drove 150 miles to see this concert. YOUR performance by itself made it worthwhile." Jim F.

"These girls are AWESOME!!" Mike Wolfe of History Channel's American Pickers

"The highlight was the Williamson Branch concert, the church was packed!" Fairdale. PA UMC

"Yours was the most genuine performance we've ever had. We look forward to working with you in the future" Richland UMC, GA

"I was expecting a little girl's voice, but when Melody started singing, I thought I was hearing a young Alison Krauss or Rhonda Vincent." Jeanie C. Riley country music star